1. Privacy

We love privacy. We wouldn’t have started this project otherwise. Your data will be in a secure Mailchimp database, managed by us and by us alone. We will never sell, give or otherwise use your information for any other purpose than matters directly related to the production or the delivery of your order of Block. 

2. Orders

Every order you reserve will be delivered in due time. But we kindly ask for a little patience. We need to get a substantial amount of orders before we can get to production. 

3. Block works

Block is tested at T-Mobile’s lab, in extremely close vicinity to the latest telecom antennas. If it stops working, call Michael Faraday.

4. Issues

Block is heavy, but needs to be handled with care. Don’t drop it. It is hard to imagine anything going wrong with your product, but get in touch at order@meetblock.com when you have a problem with your product.

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