Block helps you break away from the constant distractions of your phone. It blocks all connections, enables you to be present in the moment – and looks pretty amazing.

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Face down, fingers tapping, thumbs swiping: it is becoming increasingly rare to be disconnected. We get that. We love our phones, too. 

But the constant draw could do with a little pushback. We believe, just like in any other good relationship, there should be a healthy balance.


How does

it work?

1. Stack up to six phones in a Block. Close it.

2. Block functions as a Faraday cage: all phones will be disconnected from their networks.

3. Reconnect with life, friends, family. And get stuff done.


Why not just 
switch off?


Block is about more than switching off.
Smartphones are designed to be carried first and called with second. 

Recent studies show that even having your phone visibly nearby will distract you from real-life social engagement and tasks.

Our credo: out of sight, out of mind. 


It's in the


Block comes in four shades: Diamond Blue, Olive Green, Gemstone Pink, Champagne Copper

Block holds up to 6 phones and weighs 0.7 kilograms. (Yes, it’s heavy.)

Block is tested at T-Mobile’s lab, in extremely close vicinity to the latest telecom antennas.

Exterior size: 162 mm x 102 mm / Interior size: 147mm x 90mm


The time is now.

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